The Hungry Planet

27 February 2015

When I read this script my heart sank – how do you draw a living planet without it looking ridiculous? Sadly, I never found out.


Alien Legion Cover Uncovered

20 February 2015

This picture was changed somewhat when published, no doubt because I’d not left any room for a logo. Fool.
Here it is as intended:


And as published:

I think I prefer the published version. The background is a big improvement, and the way the colour has been muted to echo the background is a nice touch.
Just a shame about that fellow bottom right, I remember being rather pleased with his teeth.

Red and Green are Never Seen

19 February 2015

Oh yes they are.


Under the Moon of Love

18 February 2015

Leaving aside that incongruous texture in the sky and the abomination that is Dredd’s head – that blue on his hat, those weird shadows on his face – this is one of my favourites.
Those bone silhouttes behind Dredd’s right leg still make me feel good, it’s almost like they were done by a proper artist.


Steelhorn Ink

15 February 2015



13 February 2015


The Streets of Mega-City

11 February 2015

I’ll never forgive myself for this one – it looks like Dredd’s trousers are falling down. Nice badge, though. I was never really happy when it was decided that judge badges were yellow, but what can you do?


It’s That Pose Again

9 February 2015

ABC Warrior Steelhorn. Commission pencils.



5 February 2015

Dredd and the Mean Machine. Commission pencils.


Cyberman and The Doctor

2 February 2015

Junkyard Demon Part Three, sort of. Commission roughs.


Everything Stops For Tea

1 February 2015

Commission rough. Max Normal and Dredd.


Kestrels Book One: Put Out That Light!

29 January 2015

Here’s a final selection of page layouts from the sixty-four that make up our first Kestrels story. I’m very happy with how it’s going, even though there have been quite a few pages that fought back pretty hard.
I had no end of trouble with this first page, where Ethan decides to run away from his care home and go back to his Nan’s.
I had all these ideas about showing him packing his bag, dropping it out of the window, him then climbing out of the window and (as it says in the script) abseiling down the wall on some knotted sheets.
This is the version of the page from my previous start on this book, incorporating the ideas listed above:


In this second version, I reckoned that Ethan deciding to make his move would be the only action that required a passage-of-time sequence of panels, and that the rest of the page would be key moments only – packing, escaping through the window, on the street, back at his Nan’s, and finishing with a new scene of him inside the flat. (The first and third tiers both feature a split panel, something I’m enjoying doing, yet only a few years ago I would have shuddered at the very idea.)
I’m very pleased with how this page is going, worth all the hoopla:


I nailed this next page more or less on the first attempt, as Ethan wanders from the fields to a lane and flags down a car. The only problem was deciding how to show the lane in the fourth panel – I’d originally got fixated on having Ethan in the foreground and faffed about for a while, but eventually remembered that the panel is about the road and not Ethan:


Here are the thumbnails for the first sixteen pages of our story:


A couple of commissions to draw, and then some proper Kestrels artwork!

Is That Me?

28 January 2015

This is from Lew Stringer’s site, a mine of information.
I have no memory whatsoever of this. It looks like I must have drawn it around the same time as the final episodes of the Cursed Earth serial – it definitely has the look of the page where Judge Jack gets his, what with them great big shiny noses.
I wonder what happened to the artwork?