US Pilgrim and Charlie

6 April 2014


Anderson, Death, and yet more Bones

3 April 2014


Dredd Fink Ink

1 April 2014



25 March 2014

I’ve chipped in for a few boardgames on Kickstarter (none of them got made), but I’ve never given any serious thought to using it to fund my own work. Maybe it could be the way forward for mine and Ben Dickson’s Kestrels. Maybe…
Whatever, taking the plunge is Ben and his Unfinished City, a project eight years in the making and well worth a look. Co-written with Sylvija Martinović and illustrated by Robert Solanović, here’s some of the finished art.

UC 1 09 inks f 2

UC 1 13 inks ff

UC 1 14 inks f

UC 1 23 inks f

UC 1 29 inks A f

Hardcover Book MockUp

Dredd and Satanus inks

25 March 2014

Finally managed to crank something out. Here’s hoping that normal service has been resumed…


Hellboy Signing

18 February 2014

Not been too well lately, so not much getting done, but I can at least mention Hellboy Day, celebrating twenty years of Mignola’s masterpiece. Along with Laurence Campbell and Duncan Fegredo, I shall be at Gosh! on March 22 from 2pm to 3pm signing copies of my contribution to the canon.



Satanus and Judge Dredd

5 February 2014


Last Cards

4 February 2014

Supplied by Mister Peter Doherty, many thanks.



More cards

1 February 2014

It would seem that I may have drawn twelve of these cards. Here are six more, courtesy of our diligent correspondents Mark Spencer and Adrian Salmon.
I know one of the missing cards is a drawing of Satanus, no idea what the other one might be.







Following a deluge of emails (well, four) it transpires that this set consisted of thirteen drawings in total – twelve chase cards plus the Judge Dredd figure. When the chase cards were assembled into a four by three block, the Judge Dredd drawing was revealed on the reverse. The two missing images are of Satanus v Dredd and Mean Machine Angel v Dredd (That’s enough about cards. Ed.)

Collector’s Edge cards

31 January 2014

Here are four of the cards I drew for the Judge Dredd trading card set published by Collector’s edge in 1995. I’m not sure how many I drew in total, no more than eight anyway.
When I made these my confidence was at an all time low, hence my hazy memory, but now that I am a grown up I can see a lot to like in them, especially the Fink and Ratty pic (even if the Fink seems to be a tad overweight). As discussed in a previous post, the poor quality watercolour paper for the Judge Hershey card didn’t lighten the mood.
And although I may have had a struggle to create them, this was more than offset by a very good rate of pay – every cloud and that!