21 June 2011

I’ve been selling off a few bits of artwork this week and while rummaging through the boxes I came across this, my audition drawing for Decap Attack. I’m not sure why but this is a piece I’ve always been really fond of.
It could be that I was very comfortable with the materials and technique I was using – draw it with an HB pencil, ink it with Pilot calligraphy pens sizes 10 and 20, put in the flat colours with Pantone markers, draw the highlight lines with the pencil, mix up three saucerfuls of red, blue and black watercolour for painting the shadows. And relax…


3 Responses to “Audition”

  1. Always felt bad that you were asked to draw up this sample. Totally unnecessary.

  2. Mick McMahon Says:

    Glad I did, I loved working on this strip.

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