15 July 2011

This is a drawing I started in an idle moment and never got around to finishing.
When I was growing up I always thought I wanted to work on Fleetway war libraries, but when I eventually got a script I couldn’t draw it. Perhaps it was nerves, it would have been my first professional work, but it might have been that I’d simply lost interest in war comics and hadn’t noticed.

5 Responses to “Unfinished”

  1. Lovely. Your work would have looked great amongst the pages of 'Two-Fisted Tales'

  2. Mick McMahon Says:

    Exalted company indeed!

  3. Simon Fraser Says:

    I kinda know what you mean. I blanked completely when faced with a war comic, I'm just not interested. Though I like reading them ( the Kurtzman stuff is brilliant and Kubert can do no wrong .) Nowadays I find myself longing to draw a nice RomCom. Weird!

  4. And yet it's an excellent drawing. I'd like to have seen the war comic that would have come from that!

  5. Martin B Says:

    It's real interesting to see where you come from, artistically, for us McMahon Dredd fans. To find out what you were enamored with, compared with your work that we were enamored with. I'd be really interested to see what your work was like before you were asked to draw like Esquerra, (?). I'm assuming this image is not that old. It looks more recent style-wise.

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