Kids, don’t try this at home

25 July 2011

You’ll go mad. I did.


5 Responses to “Kids, don’t try this at home”

  1. mattduncan Says:

    Interesting process on these pages. Like collage. I remember when this came out – I bought 2000ad for the first time in about 15 years because you were in it. Haven't bought it since. Keep blogging – this is amazing stuff!

  2. mister X Says:

    Yes, I don `t know how this can be done. But it's great. Thank you for showing your process.

  3. Andy Lee Says:

    I liked it so much I bought it. What you can't see from he scans is the previous art, scanned and printed them re-drawn over.Don't know if links work in comments but here goes.

  4. D'Israeli Says:

    Lovely work. Fascinating to see you returning to a looser style of layout after a long period using grids.I use a similar process when I'm roughing out pages – I draw it all direct on the computer with a Wacom tablet, so I can rough in each panel on its own layer and nudge/scale stuff to get the composition I want. That said, I try and get the big decisions made before doing drawing that's anything like as finished as the stuff here.What this really makes me realize is, I'm being so conservative! Your work is, as ever, an inspiration!

  5. Martin B Says:

    @ Matt D, could any other 2000AD artist do that for you? No, nor for me.

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