Can you see what it is yet?

27 July 2011

These murky images, copies of ten year old faxes, are all that remain of concept work I did for a strip created by Nigel Kitching, he of Decap Attack fame. The great Matt Brooker took the thing forward, but alas it never saw the light of day.
I really must stop throwing drawings in the bin.

5 Responses to “Can you see what it is yet?”

  1. james newell Says:

    yes don't bin them, put them in this stamped, self addressed envelope i'v suppled and pop it in the post.j

  2. Perhaps a stint on Marshall Law next? I don't Kevin O'Neill would mind? ;-)

  3. …I don't THINK Kevin O'Neill would mind? ;-)I need to read stuff back more.

  4. Martin B Says:

    you are messing with our minds, "Drawings in the bin". AAaAAaarghghgghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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