At last, something new!

16 August 2011

I’m currently drawing a story for SelfMadeHero’s second Lovecraft anthology. This is a study for one of the two protagonists.


7 Responses to “At last, something new!”

  1. Nice, it's always great to see your pencils and just how much you put in at this stage.

  2. Emperor Says:

    I'm looking forward to this – the first one was great and I wondered how they'd top that, but then I saw their creator line-up… Can't wait.

  3. Rich Says:

    That left hand is amazing. When is this due for release?

  4. Glenn Says:

    I'd love to know how much scribbling you do before this stage. Do you tend to get the proportions right first time (you have been doing this a while after all!) or do you still have to work at that?

  5. Mick McMahon Says:

    Proportions right first time but downhill after that. Hands took ages, right one still needs work. Pleased with boots though.

  6. Rob Davis Says:

    Hey MickThis looks great! Dan was telling me how excited he was with this story. Can't wait for the book. Will have to catch up soon.Rob

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