Elijah at the BBC

6 September 2011

These are my only relics of the design work I did for the Elijah chapter of the BBC’s Bible in Animation series. The director Derek Hayes wanted to use my drawing style of the time for the animation, so I had a marvellous three or four months creating all the moving bits – characters, animals, chariots etc.

16 Responses to “Elijah at the BBC”

  1. fantastic Mick, I didn't catch that series, I'd love to see this!

  2. Martin B Says:

    Did it get fully produced and released?

  3. PJ Holden Says:

    I remember catching this on bbc2, I think, and being flabbergasted and awestruck, utterly convinced you'd had a hand in the design – and then being smug afterwards when I saw your name in credits (did I see your name in the credits? memory is failing, either that or someone else confirmed it on the internet for me).

  4. Martin B Says:

    Ok, I'm now living in Aus' so I don't think we had it broadcast here, but I'll check out the ABC shops that stock lotsa BBC stuff, see if I can find or order it. As an animator, (worked with Rufus at Amblin and at Passion), I'd love to see your work animated.

  5. Glenn Says:

    I know you (used to?) get pee-d off when people copy your style but, holy shit, your work is just so unique! Amazing stuff Mick!

  6. Martin B Says:

    @ Nigel, Thanks, I'll check it out as an option. I'll go for whichever version gets funds back to the rightful owners / producers. Do you have any royalties on it still Mick?@ Glenn, Mick's style 'is' unique and you didn't have to worry Mick, the imitators never touched your brilliance.

  7. Martin B Says:

    Thanks again Nigel, I put in that order!

  8. Martin B Says:

    Can I put one of your images up on Amazon Mick? They don't have one and it would help sell them, unless you object?

  9. Mick McMahon Says:

    I'm sure you mean well Martin but that's my business, so thanks but no thanks.

  10. Martin B Says:

    Totally understand. I was hoping to see a cover design, but they didn't have one. My mind was racing with the possibilities when I saw it invites images to be provided. So I knew I should ask you first. I would like to think some of the sales money will make it's way to you. Is there an avenue of sales that does ensure you get a cut?

  11. Mick McMahon Says:

    No, this sort of work doesn't pay royalties.

  12. I think I just found the link on YT. (Link not working – Mick)

  13. Martin B Says:

    I got the DVD through and watched it with my kids and the eldest said he had been shown it at school. He’s 13. I worked with some of the crew before they worked on this production, Sean Leaning and Jon Brooks. I’m jealous. I’d have been honoured, but I was on Mr. Men back then. The designs carry it all the way, but the animation is pretty reasonable. I’d personally have liked to see the outlines a bit thicker, I think that works better on the TV screens. Good one Mick.

  14. Mark Perry Says:

    Just watched Elijah, The BBC animation on You Tube, the above mentioned link doesn’t work now but Elijah can still be found after a quick search. I really enjoyed the art and brilliant to see Mick’s work live so to speak.
    I always thought a Judge Dredd animation for kids would have been a winner.

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