Com.x and the Last American

23 September 2011

Here’s the cover I did for the Com.x collected Last American. By now I’d started to get a proper grip on colouring in Photoshop – I used the paint bucket tool for all the colour apart from the background and a few highlighty bits. The same technique, in fact, that I’d used for the three pin-ups of various com.x characters that appear in the ‘More tidying bits’ post.
This edition had a very low print run so I reckon not many people will have seen it, I might do a poster version for my upcoming Thought Bubble trip.

last american_03

14 Responses to “Com.x and the Last American”

  1. Alfie Says:

    By the beard of beelzebub, that’s tasty work

  2. jim ryan Says:

    hi Mick: wonderful to see the raw pencils!! it actually took me a long time to hunt down the ComX collected “Last American” but it is really a beautifully produced book and well worth the hunt and the money!

  3. Like Jim, I had been looking for the Com.x paperback for a long time. Glad to finally have found it at a convention this past summer. It’s nice to have ‘Last American’ all in one book.

  4. Nigel Kitching Says:

    Anyone know where I might find a copy of this?

  5. nulsh Says:


    Mick, you know my thoughts on the Last American artwork – great to see this!


  6. Mick , I really enjoyed your forward in this book. The art is stunning and the story grim as hell. Must read it once a year at least …


  7. Ben Dickson Says:

    I’ve read my copy so many times now it’s actually starting to fall apart. I can’t believe I can’t get a replacement! If there was any justice in the world it would still be in print today, but in a nice shiny hardback.


  8. Joe Says:

    Mick, posting a wee bit on Last American on the FP blog soon, hope you don’t mind if I borrow that image for the article too, linked back and credited of course.


  9. Joe Says:

    Mick, posted that piece up on the FP blog today if you’re interested, unearthed my original issues when home visiting the parents and thought it was a sign to do something on the blog with them:

    If you are at Thought Bubble hopefully you might see Richard who does the lion’s share of reviews on the blog, he lives in Yorkshire these days and is hopefully heading along to TB.

  10. SIM-R Says:

    Bought the originals and bought the reprinted version .
    Pure genius and a revelation each and every time I look at it . One of my all time faves .

    Cheers Mike .

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