12 O’Clock Man

27 September 2011

My old G4 Mac has been boxed up since 2003 so I reckon it’s got to go. I had a trawl through the drive and found all the files for the pin-ups I drew of Russell Uttley’s Puncture and Neil Googe’s Twelve O’Clock Man, both made during my time at Com.x. Here’s the Twelve O’Clock Man bits.

4 Responses to “12 O’Clock Man”

  1. matt duncan Says:

    You’re at Think Bubble? I’m there. Will you be bringing a few bits and pieces to sell?

  2. nulsh Says:

    Great sequence Mike. I love the pencils – watching the drawing refining to the finished colour article is really cool.

    I have to confess I don’t really know these characters.

    Is Com.x still going?

    Did I read somehwere you just did some Tank Girl stuff? Like to see some of that too. Is there a blog post etc. you can point me to.

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