The Beezer

14 October 2011

My first exposure to comics was when my mum decided to teach me to read. Thinking she’d start with something simple, she arranged for The Beezer to be delivered every week. This was in 1957, when some comics were broadsheets. Compared to the four year old me The Beezer was huge, when I read it sitting on the floor it was higher than my head.
I have only the vaguest of notions of what was in it – Ginger I know was on the cover, and there were the very scary Jellymen, and a realistically drawn story set on a tropical island that regularly showed Imperial Japanese Marines being eaten by a giant Hippopotamus (I think).
It was around this point that I started to spend a fair amount of time drawing. Not sure that’s what my mum had in mind.

Jellymen pages courtesy of Peter Gray. Thanks Peter!

One Response to “The Beezer”

  1. The Jellymen, what an eye opener!

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