Vworp Vworp!

13 November 2011

The second issue of the Doctor Who fanzine Vworp Vworp! has finally been published. There’s a lot of good stuff about Gibbons, Bakers and sundry others, as well as an interview with yours truly about my all too brief sojourn at Doctor Who Monthly.
This Junkyard Demon strip, my only contribution to the Doctor Who canon, was beautifully written by Steve Parkhouse and ‘Mickily’ inked by the talented Adolfo Bullya. It was the first time I had worked from a plot, as opposed to a full script, and also the only occasion that my pencils were inked by another artist.
I am still more than happy with the storytelling/layouts, and the drawing, although a long way from any sort of apex, is still me on top form for those days, though I do still cringe at my clumsy attempt at a likeness for the unfortunate Mr Baker – Harpo Marx, anyone?
All around though, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and one of the few things from the seventies/early eighties that I can still bear to look at.

22 Responses to “Vworp Vworp!”

  1. Martin Buckingham Says:

    Looks a helluva lot like Tom Baker to me!

  2. Alfie Says:

    Thanks for uploading all pages .Great layouts and contrasts all round. Magic.

  3. This was the strip that make me wanna draw – thanks, Mick!

  4. Hello Sir – we met briefly at 2D in Derry (my partner and I were sitting in front of you and your wife when you were resting by a window before the interview with Rufus). This strip was the very first thing that got me from Topper and Beano into 2000AD and Warrior. It remains the only Dr Who comic I ever bought, can even remember where and when I got it (summer at an Aunts house, local newsagent). Its crazy the detail I can remember about it while having very little memory about anything else going on that summer. The very tatty original sits in a box to this day. Frankly it is just gorgeous. As ever you are being far far too modest about your own ability. Thank you very much for posting this up.

  5. Hi Mick, thanks for the plug! Did you get your copy of Vworp Vworp! 2? I sent you an email asking for your address but didn’t hear back…

  6. matt duncan Says:

    Awesome…makes you wish comics were still black and white…

  7. Thanks for posting, now I get to see it! Looks amazing.

  8. shane oakley Says:

    blew my head off when i saw it in print and it’s just blown my head off again. it’s a master class on how to draw comics.
    this, along with the fink angel work inspired/influenced me profoundly, helped make me run with my own style.
    god bless your might pen!

  9. paul ashley brown Says:

    Just wonderful Mr McMahon. Have just been overtly gushing about your Tank Girl Carioca over at http://www.comicbitsonline.com, in my role as roving rubbish reviewer.

  10. Rob Davis Says:

    Apologies for the gushing article I wrote that accompanied the Vworp Vworp interview, and double apologies for the cod-McMahon image. In case you haven’t guessed we all loved this strip back then and still do. ;-)

  11. Calum Watt Says:

    amazing Mick, love it!

  12. David Wyatt Says:

    I have a rather yellowed and grubby copy of the original publication. Sometimes if I’m feeling a bit jaded about drawing for a living, it’s one of the things I revisit; it instantly takes me back to the youthful excitement and awe I felt when I first clapped eyes on it. Chunky, imaginative brilliance.

  13. nulsh Says:

    A bit late on the comments here, but I still love the panel with the slumped back Cyberman. I never read the original comic, and I can’t recall where I saw the excerpted panel first time, but it’s a great image!

  14. One of my favourite comics ever! Looking at it now I realise that I think I learned a lot of my panel composition and layout from you. Subconsciously or otherwise.

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      These are still some of my favourite page layouts – probably because they were done from a plot and not a full script. And it being a great story didn’t hurt, either.

  15. Hello, Mr. McMahon! I read “Junkyard Demon” in 1985 when it was reprinted in color by Marvel Comics here in the States. Your artwork was so incredibly bizarre, especially compared to the clean, realistic lines of the strip’s regular artist, Dave Gibbons. But that style was definitely well-suited for this offbeat story, with its oddball cast of junk collectors. I also liked that you used the original “Tenth Planet” model of Cybermen, because I always found them among the creepiest of the myriad versions of those villains. That clunky, “spare part surgery” incarnation of the Cybermen really fit this weird tale of garbage and strange technology. Great work, and still a favorite of mine all these years later.

    (And a big “thank you” to Simon Fraser for pointing out your blog to me!)

  16. Far and away my favourite Fourth Doctor comic story. The sundeck on the prow of the Drifter was an especially nice touch.

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