Judge Joe

25 November 2011

4 Responses to “Judge Joe”

  1. Martin B Says:

    Nice, I’m intrigued by the twin shoulder pads. Why no eagle pad, does this show that it was a part of the uniform you disliked having to draw, or was it the rookie uniform??

  2. Brad Tuttle Says:

    Absolutely Wonderful!

  3. Thanks again Mick, for this superb commission. It’s at the framers as we speak!

    To answer the eagle question, it’s my son as a Judge Cadet, though he’s obviously a pretty special one as he’s already been awarded his ‘full eagle’ name badge ;-)

    • Martin B Says:

      Thanks for the insider info Steven. It’s all good as it’s an enviable piece of McM artwork. You, and Joe, are very lucky.
      I am also envious of some of the other artwork of his you have. I remember seeing the page with the spaceship posted. I was smitten with that, when it came out in 2000AD, I seem to remember I made a model replica of it out of plastic bits and airfix model parts. Don’t have it anymore tho’.

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