Kestrels Book One

19 January 2012

I’ve finally got going on Kestrels, mine and Ben Dickson’s comic about evacuees in World War II. I’m currently inking a poster to be used for various nefarious purposes, once that’s done I’ll be starting the story art.
Here’s a sheet of thumbnails for pages one to ten (out of sixty four), plus a concept sketch of Kestrel Katie (her legs need sorting, if that’s not too indelicate), and a first pass of an idea for a postcard featuring Kestrel Ethan. More soon.


7 Responses to “Kestrels Book One”

  1. Amazing thumbnails, great clarity of storytelling. Is it a pitch or is there a publisher I should be keeping an eye for?

  2. Beautiful stuff. Really looking forward to this.

  3. This looks like it’s going to be great!

  4. nulsh Says:


    The thumbnails are extremely intriguing Mick.

  5. delboydare Says:

    Lovely work.

    Is this for a children’s strip or for older kids (like myself)?
    I ask because on 2nd Jan I took my two girls and one of their friends to the London Imperial War Museum to see the end of the Children’s War exhibition.

    We had lots of conversions about evacuees and such, so I’m sure my two will be an eager audience.

    Also I think it’ll fit right into the Phoenix comic that’s out at the moment.

    Again great stuff and thanks for sharing your thoughts and work on this great blog.

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