My Batman books

25 January 2012

In 1989 the world went bonkers for Tim Burton’s Batman movie. Consequently artists and writers were getting huge royalties from Batman comics.
Blithely ignoring the fact that I had never felt the urge to draw Batman, I accepted Archie Goodwin’s offer to draw a three-part Legends of the Dark Knight story, to be written by Chuck Dixon.
Apart from the pleasure of working with Archie and Chuck (for a while I wished my name was Chuck), I figured that it would be good for me to have a Batman book under my belt, not to mention all that cash. Oh yes, all that cash…
In the event, despite my being more than happy with most of the art, a combination of my lacklustre take on Batman himself plus a lull in the Bat hubbub meant that my dreams were dashed. To paraphrase Fred MacMurray in Double Indemnity: “I did it for the fame, and I did it for the money – well, I didn’t get the fame, and I didn’t get the money.”



6 Responses to “My Batman books”

  1. Had these years ago rather enjoyed them that and your stuff on alien legion. For anyone who has not seen them they are due to turn up on down loads in a week or two as dc have been putting them up on comicology over the last few weeks

  2. Maybe you’ll get a couple of quid Mick…


  3. ertito Says:

    I’m Lovin’ It (song)

  4. I love seeing where/how you’ve corrected stuff – even your patches are an artform!


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