Sonic the Hedgehog

25 January 2012

Drawing speed lines and the like has never been my forté, so you would imagine that this might have been a drawback when I had a turn at drawing the lead strip in Sonic the Comic. And you’d be right!
As well as drawing a lot of strip pages for Sonic I also drew quite a lot of covers. A fair few of these covers were painted by John Burns Jr over my pencil drawing, but here is a selection of those I inked and coloured myself.
Covers are generally much better paid and a lot less work than strip pages. This is fine if you get to do the covers that go with your strip, but can be a tad harsh if the assignment goes to another artist, especially if that artist merely lifts a scene from your strip. Grrrrr…

5 Responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog”

  1. As I recall they changed the background on a few of these.

    Who decided what would appear on the cover – you or the editor?

  2. Chris Young Says:

    Hi Mick, do you have a list of all the issues of Sonic that you drew strips and covers for?
    I can’t find out anywhere, and I’d like to track them down for my collection.

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