Batman Black and White in Colour

27 January 2012

Nigel Kitching, a man who seemingly throws nothing away, just sent me this coloured-up page from Fat City.
After a couple of years playing around with Photoshop, mostly on Sonic the Hedgehog, it was this test piece that convinced me that computer colouring was the way forward.
The files for the Fat City strip, along with several years worth of other stuff, were on Zip discs that I subsequently binned. Must have seemed like a good idea at the time.


7 Responses to “Batman Black and White in Colour”

  1. Beautiful work, Mick. I love this style / period of your work. Binned zip drives, eh? You need a Boswell. (Hey, that’s an idea, a self-automating piece of software/hardware that records and stores permanently the output of great artists and writers.It sits in the corner, humming quietly, attached to the writer’s computer/drawing pad and donwloads all the good stuff for posterity.)

  2. Rich Says:

    That is one insane and beautiful page of art.

  3. Nigel Kitching Says:

    Well, I don’t throw away any Mick McMahon artwork anyway.

  4. And many of are grateful for that!!

  5. I mean to type many of us!!!
    It’s cold today.

  6. Martin B Says:

    I like the subtle tones and muted colours. A couple of vibrant colours in places to act as high-lights might look good too and pull as focus points.

  7. Snif Says:

    For computer colouring, it’s remarkably restrained – glad to see you didn’t go overboard with effects and filters (or did that come afterwards?)

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