Best Comic Ever

7 February 2012

Well, definitely my favourite since Alan’s War, anyway. I’ve been giving the trade paperback to my chums as a birthday present.

5 Responses to “Best Comic Ever”

  1. Kelly Says:

    That is a really cool comic. I really enjoyed the whole series. A new one just came out a week or so back

  2. Jim Ryan Says:

    seconding Kelly’s remarks above! really loved “Shaky Kane’s Monster Truck” too! can’t wait for the new Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred comics to roll out- looks like just the first one is available right now

  3. paul ashley brown Says:

    Mr McMahon, loved it too,great fun, reviewed it last year on Terry Hooper’s Comicbitsonline website and have just reviewed The Bulletproof Coffin;Disinterred Issue One on the same site. Where there’s also a small interview with you conducted via e-mail from a while back-thanks once again for being kind enough to answer my rubbish enquiries at the time. Would love you to post more about Mutomaniac-loved your artwork for that,just superb.

  4. Gordon Tait Says:

    Best comic I read last year! Have recommended it to many chums who have thanked me for the tip off.
    Scratch that – best comic I’ve read in a long time!!!

  5. Lew Stringer Says:

    Inspired by your post, Mick, I ordered this book from Amazon. I agree, it’s excellent!

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