Judge Dredd poster

21 February 2012

I did this for an exhibition several years ago but it wasn’t used, probably because it was late (there was no fee involved, but that’s no excuse). I have none of the files for it, all that remains is this lo-res image.
I do remember delivering it on Platform Two at East Croydon station though – it was seven-thirty on a freezing morning in the middle of winter. Not that I was going out of my way, I had a full time job at Razorback Developments who were then based in Croydon.


3 Responses to “Judge Dredd poster”

  1. Martin B Says:

    LOW RES?!?!? It’s a GIGANTIC piece of epic art!

  2. Pete Wells Says:

    Such a cool image though. Love it!

  3. SIM-R Says:

    …….- shapes /composition the whole lot .

    Love it .

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