Kestrel James

23 February 2012


7 Responses to “Kestrel James”

  1. The flat colouring really suits the inks on both illos. My dad had an army kit bag just like that – took his sandwiches to work in it.:)


  2. Love the ‘carved’ look to the creases in the clothes, and those flat colours work a treat.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Looks great ! Love the flat colors you’re using.

  4. Dylan Teague Says:

    Hi Mick, great to meet you at the con. Thanks very much for the sketch too!

    On the chisel tip in MS if you click the size option on the marker window you can change it to something like initial direction on the stroke type and it should mean you don’t have to flip it all the time. You can also change the pen tools shape to a square and squash it like the marker but I think you’ll get more options on the pressure sensitivity too.

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      Thanks Dylan, but it seems that I do not have the ‘correct operating environment’ – my tablet is too old. Might be time to replace it, but we’ve been through a lot together.

  5. Alfie Says:

    Is your tablet named Gunnar, Bagman or Helm?

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