Kestrel Katie

6 March 2012


6 Responses to “Kestrel Katie”

  1. Derek Gray Says:

    I am really enjoying seeing all this Kestrels art. The use of the heavy shadows is lovely, as are the sculpted folds in the clothing. Definitely a little bit of Hugo Pratt in there. It’s hard to take but I guess we’re all in for a long wait till Book 1 is finished!

  2. Looking forward to reading this.

  3. Beautiful cartooning! Gotta say I prefer the flat colour without textures – made the previous image look dirty.:)


  4. Lew Stringer Says:

    Nice work, Mick. Really like those sharp shadows and folds. Very crisp artwork that captures the era for those characters but also looks modern. I’ll definitely be buying the Kestrels books when they’re out. Best of luck with this new venture.

  5. judgeminty Says:

    The attention to detail on the clothes and hair is excellent.

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