Hats Off!

8 March 2012

When I designed these characters I wasn’t sure what sort of headwear I should give them, bowler hats or top hats, and immediately after delivering the first episode I regretted my choice.
These are the sort of trivial decisions that fill an artist’s day, but at the time they can loom large – to this day I still can’t look at Fink without a vague sense of disappointment about that hat.

11 Responses to “Hats Off!”

  1. If you’d given Fink a top hat he’d of been like that Showman corpse in Last American ! Funnily enough I was looking at the I’m a Fink t shirt that came out this morning – pretty sure I had one. This is one of my favourite pix you drew of Fink and Ratty – it’s amazing.:)


  2. Iain Says:

    After growing up with Fink (and Ratty) as Bowler Hat wearing, its hard to imagine them any other way, and personally it very much works for me, pehaps its the old Skinhead thing of Bowler Hats with me!
    but its interesting to hear your take on things, and to see a glimpse into the process of creating characters.

  3. Lew Stringer Says:

    A top hat might have been a bit too ‘Baron Samedi’ from Live and Let Die, although I can imagine how you’d make it look very effective. The bowler is great though, and has always worked on the character in my opinion. Somehow, Fink wearing the hat of a city gent is funnier than if he’d worn the hat of a toff.

  4. Martin G Says:

    Love the Bowler… A bit ‘Clockwork Orange’, headwear of choice for nutters…

  5. It is great to hear about your thought process…More please. Always loved Fink.Was drawing him the other day!!…..Copied this a bit actually….sorry lol..Great art!

  6. Simon Says:

    I have always loved Fink and Ratty with just this look – it couldn’t be otherwise! I also loved the vastness of the Recyc unit in which they lived, those bodies running along the conveyor belts, and the dark, cramped feel of Fink’s particular hideout. Also the knobblyness of those poison darts – fantastic!

  7. Mark Perry Says:

    Hi Mick,
    I bought this page from you many moons ago. I think the hat makes Fink look even more freaky, and the matching bowler on Ratty was a masterstroke.

  8. Yes, you could think ‘ A Clockwork Orange’. But the bowler reminds me of the old west, not so much cowboys but the towns people. I’ve always felt the Cursed Earth was a great excuse to go ape with the Western and SCI-Fi themes all at once – so the bowler (or homburg?) just seems perfect. Of course they wore toppers too back in the day….but nah, I hate to disagree, the bowler is just classy enough to be ridiculous on such a Fink. Must say though….wouldn’t mind seeing the tall-hatted Fink and Ratty…if you ever get time!

  9. shane Says:

    have to say i love the hat as well Mick , it just adds to the insanity

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