Rogue Trooper

10 March 2012

Or ‘Rouge’ Trooper, apparently both names are equally popular with his admirers.
This was a commission I did several years ago, first and only time I’ve made a drawing of this character*.
I was actually in the room when Mister Gibbons designed and drew this strip, one of his finest achievements I think.


*It has been pointed out by a couple of our correspondents that I have drawn Rogue Trooper before, his head was on the 1985 2000AD Annual cover by yours truly. So this was actually the second and only time.

18 Responses to “Rogue Trooper”

  1. Martin B Says:

    When we click and see it ‘enlarged’ is that about 100% the original art? It looks enormous and awesome.

  2. Martin B Says:

    Ok, that is a bit smaller than I’m seeing it on my monitor, but larger than it would be printed, I guess. It is so cool to get an insight into how you work. Cheers.

  3. Matt Timson Says:

    Didn’t you draw him on the cover of the 1985 2000ad annual?

    Love this one either way.

  4. paulmhd Says:

    Fantastic Rogue. Did you not also draw him on the cover of the 2000ad 1985 annual?

  5. Alfie Says:

    Brilliant. Rogue Trooper always left me a bit indifferent, lone soldier searches, comes up against adversary, searches a bit more… But this is a great ‘what if’ for a one off story that never was McMahon style

  6. jcmean Says:

    Wow it is lovely, the golf ball shading on the helmet is particular effective.


  7. That is SOOOOOOO brilliant!!

  8. I’m a big fan of the early Rogue Trooper stories. Great to see your take on it.

  9. paul ashley brown Says:

    Apologies in sounding a dreadfully sycophantic fanboy, Mister McMahon, but In an ideal world, you would’ve drawn every major character in 2000ad at least once. This is great.

  10. Brad Says:

    Its an absolute pleasure to see you drawing these characters whatever the circumstances, you are worshipped in the Tattoo Studio I work in sir, as a living pen and ink Diety! All the very best long may you continue!

  11. They’re all great, but that first sketch is a beauty!

  12. Matt Zitron Says:

    This was for my best man as a present at my wedding (6 years ago tomorrow.) You did an amazing job and it’s one of his most prized possessions. Thank you Mick!

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