Inspector Cumulus

18 March 2012

Commissioned for Cumulus creator Jonathan Edwards as a surprise birthday present, I stupidly gave the game away by writing my name on the back of the parcel. Eejit.
I did attempt to draw this vapour based sleuth with the pipe in his ‘mouth’, but I just couldn’t make it work. As with my previous Hats Off! post, a brief melancholy passes through me when I remember the lost battle with that pipe.

6 Responses to “Inspector Cumulus”

  1. SKD Says:

    Great picture. You may have lost the battle, but you certainly won the war with the way you’ve placed it in his hand. Wonderful. Maybe you could turn it in to a fun childrens party game, Pin the Pipe on Cumulus’s Mouth. :-)


  2. Martin B Says:

    Looks a bit like a grown up Mr Men. Mr Impossible meets Inspector Gadget. I like it. I was coordinator on the 3rd series of Mr Men & Little Misses. We should have had you on board to do design work.

  3. I knew nothing about this until I received it on my birthday. It’s easily one of the best presents I’ve ever received! I love your rendition of Cumulus. Excellent as always. Thank you again.

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