Very last Last American

25 March 2012

This page is the only piece of original art I still have from The Last American series. I’ve held on to it as it was the page I was drawing when me and my wife got together. Bizarrely, it is also the page where Pilgrim meets his future wife. Never been sure who to get in touch with, the Fortean Times or Danny Baker.
Not a great page – two of the panels feature bicycles (my bête noire), and there is a terrible piece of bodging in the fourth panel, not to mention the unfortunate colour scheme I used for the flashback scenes which turns up in panel two. Panel five is almost good, I’m still impressed with the perspective on Pilgrim’s legs, but the red sky colour being misapplied to a rock rather takes the shine off it.
But out of all the pages I’ve drawn it’s still my favourite.


8 Responses to “Very last Last American”

  1. Iain Says:

    Fantastic stuff Mick – i cannot begin to tell you how much i loved the Last American series. Just superb.
    Rumour has it that a new series might be in the offing – any truth to this?

  2. mick mcmahon Says:

    First I’ve heard of it!

  3. nulsh Says:

    I agree with Iain.

    You know my thoughts on this story Mick. I’m still gutted we never got a chance to do the feature on it I wanted to do in Dangerous Ink.

    It’s a great page – and I’ll say it again, this is some of my favourite of your work.

  4. One of the best mini serie ever !!

  5. Mark Perry Says:

    I remember this was a very atmospheric series, I’ll have to dig out the copies. I have a great page where the soldier is using a Zippo lighter at night which illuminates his face, great image.

  6. paul ashley brown Says:

    Thought your artwork on the Last American was just absolutely stunning Mr McMahon.An incredibly underrated book I reckon.

  7. I spoke to John Wagner at Dundee Comics Day last year about the Last American and he said that he’d like to pick up on the story again and do another series but that he hadn’t spoken to anyone about it and that he had no idea if Mick would be interested?

  8. You’re way too hard on your self.

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