Miskatonic Miksatonic Micksatonic etc.

26 March 2012

Here are thumbnails and a selection of finished pages from The Picture in the House, an eleven page story adapted by Ben Dickson and drawn by me for SelfMadeHero’s excellent second Lovecraft anthology.
Leastways it certainly looks excellent, only had a quick butcher’s at WJC’s copy in the pub on Saturday so haven’t had a chance to actually read it.














11 Responses to “Miskatonic Miksatonic Micksatonic etc.”

  1. BristleKRS Says:

    Bicycles again!

    Looking snazzy so far, mind :)

    Particularly like the last frame – rather woodprinty (seems appropriate), and like a silent scream.

  2. Chris gannon Says:

    Loving your move towards using solid blacks in your inking. The great thing about your work is that you never seem to stand still with your style. there’s always some new development with every new project.

  3. Agree with Chris, I love the development of your styles, different, yet always very personal and highly distinctive.

  4. Alfie Says:

    The only critical analysis I can add is: ‘Holy fuck!’

  5. So good to see you working in black ink again. I love this.:)


  6. Tim Keable Says:

    Mick…. This work is Awesome. Glad to see all those blacks in there like you were doing on the Batman B&W.

    In some ways a throwback to your older stuff but full of the new as well.

    Always an inspiration!

  7. nulsh Says:

    Very nice indeed Mick.

    The darklt lit pages are great – I love the meat cleaver page!

  8. mick mcmahon Says:

    Thanks everybody!

  9. Nigel Kitching Says:

    Your new stuff is looking just great – was going to go on a bit but actually I think that pretty much covers it. It just feels ‘right’ somehow.

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