Nemesis the Warlock

4 April 2012

Far and away my favourite series from 2000AD. Here’s a couple of pages that Mister O’Neill was kind enough to gift me many years ago.

8 Responses to “Nemesis the Warlock”

  1. Iain Says:

    Beyond lovely. Mr O’Neill certainly has talent.
    I imagine a lot of minds were blown reading Nemesis back in the day.

  2. Ahh! good old Letratone :) – A couple of extremely nice pieces to have in your possesion. My pride and joy is a Return of Rico page of yours (also with judicious use of Letratone I might add).

  3. matt duncan Says:

    This Nemesis book was just awesome, and these pages are a masterclass in fantasy comics. The level of detail, without seeming cluttered, or off balance, shows O’Neil’s amazing design skills.

  4. Ben Heywood Says:

    So that’s where those pages are!

  5. Nick Dyer Says:

    impeccable draughtsmanship!!..

  6. Chris Wood Says:

    When me and my mate were 13 or so, about the time this came out, we were obsessed with 2000ad and were of the idea that you and Mr O’Neill were riffing off each other cos you were both producing work that was much more sketchy and “un-filled-in” (if that makes sense). That said, we also thought you were all robots and working in a space ship disguised as a tower block… Thanks for all the comics, your stuff is, and was, amazing.

  7. There’s a miracle taking place in these pages, between the terrific art, the commanding dramatic story and the perfect lettering. Where was I?…oh, yes…outstanding.

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