Three Legged Wasp

6 April 2012

Outbreaks of Violets was the title of the 1995 MTV Music Awards booklet, a beautifully designed package from Rian Hughes. I was invited to contribute to a collection of one page strips which would be linked by the theme of kindness.
The result confirmed for me that a writer I was not, but it does have a nice shot of our old watering can. Not sure why I signed it, I’ve never liked it – must have been a temporary delusion of grandeur, what with mixing with some of the best artists in Europe and the MTV thing.
There was a set of postcards that was also part of this booklet, written by Alan Moore. At some point I’ll dig out the postcard that I drew, my only collaboration with the great man.
I’ve had to scan this from a print, the original was loaned to an exhibition and never seen again, certainly not by me anyway. But probably for the best.

8 Responses to “Three Legged Wasp”

  1. Martin B Says:

    You are way too harsh on yourself. There are some fine artistic parts to this piece, and a good short wordless tale. Someone is keeping it safe, for sure.

  2. But is anybody really ever happy with what they make? It occurred to me a few years ago that an artist cannot understand the work the way a fan can anymore than a rose can appreciate it’s scent. Hitchcock will never be shocked by his scenes, no writer will be surprised by turning the page of the book she wrote. It’s a two-way blindspot, the fan can’t see the turmoil of the process.

  3. ‘it’s scent’…groan…

  4. It amazes me that a comment can seem funny at 13:32 in the afternoon and very unfunny a few hours later. My apologies, I’d be very happy if you’d reject that last stupid comment. I hope you’ll keep posting working as frequently, but I’ll tune in quietly from now on. Great work, just great. Today I especially appreciate the way you have adapted your work over the years despite the popularity of one or other style. That takes courage, too many repeat themselves endlessly.

  5. Er…good guess, part jet-lag and big part red-wine! must learn to put a cork in it!;)

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