Club Handed

20 April 2012

Last weekend we got back from another lovely week on the Isle of Skye and, as always if I have a break from drawing, it’s taken me an equivalent period to get my hand working properly again. Any longer than a week and even how to hold a pencil becomes a learning experience.
Here’s a sheet of sketches I’ve done this morning using my trusty HB pencil on copy paper, back in the groove. I hope.

5 Responses to “Club Handed”

  1. It’s strange that you should post this. I’m feeling this very way now, post holiday (2 days of re-drawing)…but I’m not seeing it in your sketches at all. That’s a stormer of a page.

  2. nulsh Says:

    Guess we’re talking quality not quantity here!

    It is a great sketch page. Lovin’ the faces! There’s a lot of life in there.

    And good to hear yer’ usin’ HB – I hark back to school and being told NEVER use HB, as ‘real artists’ don’t use HB! Being a contrary sort I’ve used HB ever since.

    Staedtler used to have a chunky clutch pencil which they stopped making a long time ago – best pencil I ever had!!!

  3. I really like that guy in the middle at the top, like a monstrous Paul Weller!

  4. Fingle Says:

    Cant tell you how glad I am I have found this blog. You were my fave 2000AD artist and inspired me a massive amount. Need to pick up the pencils again…have been wondering about using a PC and a tablet, interesting to see how you incorporate them both

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