Tank Girl page process

24 April 2012

I still like most of my Tank Girl art as much as when I made it, contrary to the more usual ambivalence I have about my own work. I doubt that I shall ever use this method again for a comic book, a more long-winded farrago it would be hard to imagine.
The pencils were drawn on an A4 printout of the thumbnail. As each panel was drawn it would be scanned and then as like as not destroyed by the pencils for the next panel, and so on. The pencilled panel files would be cleaned up and assembled on a 600dpi master file. When this was ready the colouring would be done at 300dpi and the colour file would then be dropped onto the original 600dpi linework.
I did one hundred and thirty two pages using this process. At some point I should have had my head examined…




7 Responses to “Tank Girl page process”

  1. mistergines Says:

    The process is amazing, congratulations.

  2. So very rich, It leaps off the new iPad res. Don’t examine head.

  3. Martin B Says:

    Interesting to see your process again, Thanks! With the first nightshot page with Tank Girl and Booga, the colour page on it’s own looks gorgeous. Gives it an eerie night feel.

  4. nulsh Says:

    Nice stuff. Keep these process posts coming!

    Thoroughly enjoyed browsing through these.

  5. It’s a pity you won’t be using this method again, because the results are outstanding!

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