Cross Hatching Head

7 May 2012

Always been a bit nervous about cross hatching but thought it was about time I had a go. Works okay I think.

10 Responses to “Cross Hatching Head”

  1. Brentallica Says:

    I think it looks cool. Nice work!

  2. Martin B Says:

    Dammit, been trying to get it that good for years, never got close!!%$#$$!! Got to say, it was very much because of your interesting blocking and dashing that your work stood out and got my attention. It was very idiosyncratic, your hallmark. As was commented on before tho’, it’s great to see you change and experiment too.

  3. Ben Dickson Says:

    Looks nice Mick! Lots of character.

  4. That’s some great cross hatching. Love the hair as well.

  5. Derek Gray Says:

    LOVE this! There’s a real EC, 1950s, Harvey Kurtzman vibe goin’ on. Full of character, and lovely balance of light and shade.

  6. nulsh Says:


    Could be an Eisner panel Mick.

    What you inking with here?

  7. nulsh Says:

    Darn it! Inks look excellent! I actually thought it it was a brush or somesuch.

    I was gonna buy the “abbreviated” version of Manga Studio (I tnik it’s called Debut?) – you usin’ the full version?

    I’m just getting into to inking digitally and Manga Studio does seem to get amazing results.

  8. Love it!!…Looks great. Takes a lotta time tho!

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