15 May 2012

I’ve finally started drawing the Kestrels book. Because we have no publisher as yet, I’m hoping to keep up some sort of income stream by drawing the odd commission here and there. Here’s the pencils for the first one.

12 Responses to “Commissions”

  1. Do you have a shop page or something, Mick?…and have you considered launching a KICKSTARTER page? I’m working on a book and that’ll be the route we take…but nobody my team for comics. None the less, it may be a good way to go even for someone as well known as yourself. It’s an even more popular platform than when I first considered it a year or so back. But it does seem to work. Worth a look-see anyway. Good luck on Kestrels.

  2. I mean ‘nobody knows my team’

  3. Martin Gleeson Says:

    Hi Mick

    Can anyone commission something? What are the details/costs?

    I’m not promising I’ll be able to afford it but if I don’t ask…


    • mick mcmahon Says:

      As a rough guide, prices start at £250.00 for a single pencilled and inked A3 figure, two figures would be £350.00. Backgrounds extra. More complicated scenes by negotiation depending on what is required. I don’t usually do characters that I’ve not worked on.

      • Martin Gleeson Says:

        Great Thanks! It’d be some form of Dredd…

        Lots of thinking to do now…

  4. Mick are you still taking commissions and if so how do we contact you

  5. I’m inspired for another commission. Time to get my thinking hat on!

  6. Iain Says:

    Mick McMahon doing commissions? Best news ive heard all year!

  7. Dredd’s face has never looked better – love the mouth and nose. Also, I think his eagle’s watching me…

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