Bristol Board scribbly test

20 May 2012

HB pencil and Pilot DR Lettering Pens sizes 10 and 20 on Daler-Rowney Bristol Board. Drawn on both sides in this age of austerity.
I used to draw everything on Schoellershammer two-sheet Bristol Board but just about the time I started to draw Slaine you couldn’t get in anymore, which is why Slaine was drawn on Arches Aquarelle 140lb Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper.

9 Responses to “Bristol Board scribbly test”

  1. Simon Fraser Says:

    I use Schoellershammer, it’s still available here.

    Of course I have no idea how to get it in the UK, but it’s made in Germany, so theoretically the EU should be on your side here.

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      Thanks, just checked it out. At £30.00 a pad (including postage) from Germany I’ll stick with the Daler-Rowney stuff. Besides, going into town to buy paper and that is one of the few times I get out of the house:)

      • Simon Fraser Says:

        30 quid!?! Ouch! For that price you could drive to the factory, stock up and make a holiday of it.

        I tend to buy 20 pads at a time, which lasts me years.

        I bought a batch of Strathmore 500 series recently that’s just abysmal, it bleeds like crazy when using a G nib! I’ve had to start inking with markers just to get through the stuff. Then I’m stocking up on the Schoellers again.

  2. I’ve used Saunders Waterford 140ib hot pressed watercolour paper for 20 years now. I like it because it’s got a slight tooth and can take the assault of my eraser. Got a pad of the Daler Rowney you have – it’s nice for brushpen inking but cannot take too much erasure so I have to draw on layout paper then transfer onto it. I’ve been considering Strathmore but the price is prohibitive untried. Simon’s comment about Strath 500 has put me off a bit. Great drawings btw!

  3. nulsh Says:

    Never used Bristol board in my life! Bit I always think the ink work looks amazing on it! I use any old crap I’m afraid, copier paper included! Oh for shame!

    I was in NY a few years back and my mssus took me to a discount art store and they were selling bristol board pads for $3! I bought a couple – they’re still untouched!
    One day dudes, one day!

    Lovin’ the drawings here. Especailly the mad ol’ fella with the hatchet!

  4. How do you transfer??..Brilliant drawings as usual Mike. Love this blog!!

  5. I’m wondering if he means my comment? if so the answer is graphite paper. :)

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      You’re probably right, but for a minute there I was hoping we had a three-way conversation on the go with none of us sure what we’re talking about.
      Maybe another time.

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