More Tank Girl Carioca

25 May 2012

Here’s a selection of pencils from Tank Girl Carioca book one. They are drawn on A4 printouts of the thumbnails. Each sheet shows two panels, my original intention having been to lay out most of the pages as a two by three grid.
I’ve just noticed that Booga’s tail is missing in the third image, left hand panel. I was always forgetting to draw his tail but I thought I’d fixed them all – obviously not.

3 Responses to “More Tank Girl Carioca”

  1. Terrific…just love seeing the pencils. With continuity you have to be so vigilant, it could keep you awake at night!

  2. Chris Wood Says:

    Mike, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a nipper and draw a lot of cartoons (not necessarily comic strips) in my spare time. I’ve noticed you and Rufus Dayglo often mention “thumbnails” but as I don’t know any comic artists I don’t know what these are. Whenever I’ve drawn comic strips I just start with a blank sheet of a3 and work from left to right!! I understand the need for professionals like you to plan the pages a bit more, but do you also use the thumbnails as the basis for the final art? By this I mean do you blow them up to a3, print them out and trace over the top of them to keep the same proportions, or do you just work from them as a guide? Like I said, I’ve seen you mention it but never got it quite clear in my head. Lovely work by the way, as always!!

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      Here’s some thumbnails from an earlier post, these are done on an A4 sheet. I try to work most things out in the thumbnails so that when I come to draw the art I only have to really worry about the actual drawing (that’s the plan, anyway).

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