25 May 2012

My first comic work after leaving the Video Game business was a six page Judge Dredd story. I’d not drawn a comic for almost six years and at the start was all at sea.
I drew these pencils before I was really sure about the layout of the page, couldn’t make them fit, and therefore abandoned them. A real shame, I like them much more than the final art.

7 Responses to “Rusty”

  1. I’m looking at the finished page on the new iPad, the colors and detail are beautiful. You seem to have used the pencil line with no inking or am I wrong?

  2. Martin B Says:

    I always looked forward to your Mega City streets scenes. Always full of amazing details and fashions. (Nobody else has ever got the buildings looking as good!). And I think you predicted a lot of styles that have been seen since. I especially liked what I saw as rubbery padded beading on clothes edges and through the cloth. Was it meant to look like that?

  3. Funny how that can happen with short-cuts. But, like the Tank Girl process that you explained, long winded it may be..but the end result is striking. Shame about the drawings not fitting. Maybe, if you return to Dredd at some point, you can work the dynamic of that running gunman in somehow…that would make for some trivia too!

  4. andy ward Says:

    i have really enjoyed all your posts on here and it’s fantastic to see how you develop the layouts etc of your work,been a big fan since 2000ad prog 72 first dropped on my lap,and all your work onwards,hopefully we’ll see another dreddy from you one day!

  5. nulsh Says:

    The finished pages still look great Mick. And the process (which you kindly took time to explain to me) does work well – but I can see how it could become time consuming.

    But point taken, there’s a real immediacy about those first pages.

    Yer’ colouring is fantastic.

  6. Beautiful work. So delighted to see your working process on this blog. It’s a privilege every time. Thank you.

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