Some roughs

29 May 2012

I’ve just finished a batch of ideas for some commissions, happily all have been approved.

12 Responses to “Some roughs”

  1. Chris Wood Says:

    If I had a few quid on me, I’d totally go for one like that dredd vs satanus in the middle! Wonder if the wife would like it as a birthday prezzie?

  2. andy ward Says:

    Think i’ll save my pennies too!would love a commision one day,as you are one of my top fave artists,along with brian bolland,john cooper & joe colquhoun,maybe something i haven’t seen for a while(vc’s or super bean!)

  3. Martin B Says:

    I love the war droids coming out of the cursed earth.

  4. The T-Rex one looks very cool. Superb Dredd pose, aware of the danger, but not looking at it, as if saying “I’ll get around to you – when I’m ready”.

    Your depiction of Dredd is the king of looking casual, when all around him is mayhem. It makes him look ten times tougher the other versions.

  5. The Anderson and Death ideas look great

  6. Iain Says:

    I bet theres a few smiling faces after seeing this post! Looks to be some quality commissions heading out to people in the near future. Of course im loving my prelim, but my eye was drawn to the Satanus one. Good call to whoever requested that one!

  7. paul ashley brown Says:

    Is it just me, or is anyone else just a lttle depressed Mr McMahon isn’t drawing a lengthy Dredd story ?The Cursed Earth and Day the Law Died stories were a huge inspiration to me as a teenager and aspiring comic artist, and the first two Dredd annuals colour work were some of, if not the best ever on the character. Still. Even now .In my humble opinion.(maybe equalled only by Brian Bolland on his Judge Death strips). Apologies for the relentless gushing, but, well, I still feel Mike’s ridiculously underrated. Not by anyone here obviously.

  8. Wiggz Says:

    These are really nice!

    Thanx for sharing Mick. =)

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