Tricorn Hats

30 May 2012

Here’s a story I drew for the DC Big Book of Thugs. The pay was pretty hopeless but the three-page format was fun, especially as it gave you the opportunity to draw historical stuff.
Like tricorn hats, for example. My first serious exposure to this headgear had been a toy ad drawn by the incomparable Russ Heath, the ten year old me had thought it one of the greatest drawings I’d ever seen.

And how it should be done.

9 Responses to “Tricorn Hats”

  1. Brentallica Says:

    Wicked righteous post! I’ve always thought young kids would be MUCH more receptive to history and the valuable lessons it teaches through comics! OUTSTANDING! Also, I’m dying, as I clearly remember the add for the soldiers in so many comics in the 1970s growing up. Always wanted to get them, but never did….I imagine I wasn’t missing much. I had plenty of regular army men.

  2. Brentallica couldn’t have said it better.

  3. I like the eye and intensity of the soldier looking at us in panel 1 of page 3. Great face.

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      I always preferred the chap holding the sword in the third panel on that page, at least I did until I was putting this post together when I noticed that he’s got a double line for a nose.

  4. I would have thought that just a kind of flat front to his nose. I’ve always admired your actions scenes like that of the governor shooting, in particular the off-balance victim.

  5. Joe Soap Says:

    Did the Russ Heath ‘toy ad’ influence your 2000AD, Dredd Civil-War cover Mick?

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