That rarity, something I liked a lot when I drew it and still like as much now

10 June 2012

I was really excited about this at the time, it came out exactly as I wanted, especially the colouring which I did in Photoshop. I’d been determined that my computer work should mimic as near as possible my ‘proper’ art and I spent a long time experimenting with the software, although I must confess to being momentarily seduced by the ability to make some of the linework blue.
The original Photoshop files are long gone, saved to Zip disks that were inadvertently sent to the dump in Kettering, hence this scan from the comic. The very fact that I have a copy of the comic speaks volumes about how much I like this pic, as a rule I have to be especially pleased with something to keep the printed copies.


5 Responses to “That rarity, something I liked a lot when I drew it and still like as much now”

  1. Lew Stringer Says:

    Excellent work, Mick. I was over the moon with the Sonic strips you drew from my scripts and the Decap Attack series you did with Nigel Kitching was excellent.

    I’m amazed to hear your used Photoshop for this. I always thought it was hand coloured, so you fooled me! I particularly like the technique used for the highlights.

  2. Yes, very cool. I read this story to my son just the other day.

  3. Alfie Says:

    Nice, really pops. Just a technical query, do you have a library of tried and tested textures you use to overlay flat colours in photoshop or do you make much use of differing brushes?

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