More commission ideas

15 June 2012

I’ve never drawn Judge Death or Judge Anderson, they’re not in my ‘blood’, so to speak, so these attempts at ideas for pictures featuring same do have a slight air of the ‘he says it but he doesn’t mean it’ about them, although introducing Judge Dredd on the second sheet (at the request of the client) does put me on firmer ground.
The third image is a sketch for a pin-up to be included in the second volume of Cartigan, a series of French albums written by Dan Willet and drawn by Dan Lish.

9 Responses to “More commission ideas”

  1. Martin B Says:

    It would be REALLY exciting to see your inked Judge Death and Anderson. Any chance?

  2. SKD Says:

    Wow Mick. Considering that you’ve not drawn Anderson or Death in the prog, that sketch in the middle is spot on. I look forward (enviously) to seeing how this commission progresses.


  3. I wanna see that Cartigan pin-up when it’s done – looks very interesting!


  4. nulsh Says:

    The rough with Anderson and Dredd back to back and Death high in the background is a winner! Be good to see that one.

  5. Wiggz Says:

    these are really nice – what they said – I’d love to see how these turn out.

    thanx for sharing Mick.

  6. pete wood Says:

    You know you did draw Anderson in the prog – one episode during the “Doomsday” mega-epic!

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      You’re right, I just looked it up on Wikipedia. Absolutely no recollection of what it was about or what it looked like, probably because the one episode I drew was so late that they gave the rest of the job to Charlie Adlard. A definite low point.

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