General Blackblood

18 June 2012

I’ve just mailed this rough for a commission off to a client, I’m quite pleased with it (so far).
The last time I drew Blackblood was in 2001, but my most vivid memories of the character go back to the first time I drew him, in 1979, a full colour headshot for the cover of Prog 125. The ABC Warriors were my first experience of producing full colour art and I remember wrestling with markers and gouache, trying to get them to work on Bristol Board, that most unsuitable of surfaces.

6 Responses to “General Blackblood”

  1. Martin B Says:

    He was one of your many most excellent characters. He always looked mean!

  2. That episode is ingrained in my memory. Print a sketchbook of all these commissions and I’ll happily buy a copy. Colin Wilson did one a while ago. I suppose copyright would be the kicker?

  3. Martin B Says:

    We found a dead snake in our garden the other day and looking at this again makes me realise how Gen BB’s face resembles a snake. That worked on a primal subconscious level all that years ago, I guess. Would you say that was intentional?

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