Thirty One Heads

19 June 2012

I’m storyboarding a film at the moment, something I’ve not had the opportunity to have a go at before. I’m not yet at liberty to discuss any details, but here’s a sheet of placeholder heads. What larks!

7 Responses to “Thirty One Heads”

  1. What a grand bunch of mugs!

  2. Alfie Says:

    What the hell is that three heads in?

  3. Hope we get a look at them when it’s all done!!After the movie comes out of course..

  4. nulsh Says:

    I love storyboarding! Like doing comics – but totally aware of the framing/ camera – and you there’s a tendency to be “looser” (less fussing on fine details no one else cares about!) and can have some really great results!
    Will you be able to show the boards at all Mick?

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