Suits and How Not to Draw Them

4 July 2012

A page of comic book art (by me, anyway) is always a mix of minor triumphs and disasters.
Here we have a couple of pages from my entry to the DC Big Book of Little Criminals (1996).
My least favourite element is the suits, always a hit or miss element with me, even if I did get to do the pinstripes with a scalpel blade in this instance.
My favourite bit of drawing over both pages is the hand holding the telegram (panel six, page two).
I really like the top three panels on the second page, but not so much that I can ignore that rather dubious looking cop on the right in the first panel.
The giant phone (panel seven, page two) is another low point, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it at the time.
Overall, though, I think more good than bad. Some nice faces, I was especially pleased with the character with the braces (panel six, page one), plus both pages have a nice balance of black and white and a good mix of close, medium, and long shots.


8 Responses to “Suits and How Not to Draw Them”

  1. Simon Fraser Says:

    The great thing about having a more expressionistic art style is that exaggeration is expected. That phone really isn’t a problem for you, whereas if Gary Leach or Brian Bolland had drawn it that size , there would be a problem.

    I’m helping run a drawing group here in NY and this month we’re having models in suits. Considering how often I draw structured, formal clothing , it’s dumb that I haven’t done this before.

    These pages look great to me. I look forward to having a good day as good as your worst day :)

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      Thanks, but I wouldn’t wish my worst day on anyone – I’m currently in the process of getting hold of the image from that catastrophic afternoon. Will post same, as and when.

  2. Glenn Broadway Says:

    I love it… Mick criticises his own work whilst the rest of the world just looks on thinking “OMG, awesome.”

  3. Can’t see a damn thing wrong with that phone…or the suits. Terrific work.

  4. Gary O Donnell Says:

    I agree with Glenn!..Amazing art that I will always love!!!

  5. What I manage to get wrong every time I draw a suit is the lapel size, there never seems room for them. I love the suits you’ve drawn, Mick, because they look like clothes hanging off the characters; I can see the bodies underneath as separate, but connected things. Wonderful work.

  6. Russ Cook Says:

    Cracking good stuff as ever, Mick. Love it.

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