Sketchy Inky

9 August 2012

Just got back from a break in Cumbria so needed to get my hand in a bit before I start on a bunch of commissions.

11 Responses to “Sketchy Inky”

  1. Love the fellow in the bottom left

  2. Mark Perry Says:

    Some great looking characters here Mick, love the one of Dredd in the lower right corner.

  3. Martin B Says:

    Wow, some lovely Dredd Doodles and other faces on here. Dredd is always there, in the shadows, like Big Brother, (No, not that lame brain show).

  4. the35mmslide Says:


  5. Gary O Donnell Says:

    Do you know how much money you could get for that page alone !??? I’m heading out now to rob a mob bank!!!

  6. nulsh Says:

    I likes the big shooter!!!! And the Roman Legionaire not far below.

  7. Says:

    really nice stuff!

    thanx for showing Mick!. =)

  8. Iain Says:

    Lovely stuff indeed!

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