Blackblood pencils

9 September 2012

10 Responses to “Blackblood pencils”

  1. james newell Says:

    wow, so much detail, will it be traditional or digital inked, i wonder

  2. nulsh Says:

    Real nice. Forgot how bad ass he was!
    Looking at it makes we wanna grab a pen too!
    Judging by the tags it’s a private commission Mick?
    Someone is going to extremely happy with such a great image on their wall.

  3. I immediately spotted this one amongst the commission thumbnails. Superb! Someone is going to be extremely happy. It would make a brilliant ‘star scan’ in 2000AD!

  4. Simon Fraser Says:

    sweet! I might just try and ink this as a blueline for my own amusement and education.

  5. Don Mango Says:

    I am already VERY happy and can’t wait to see this big bugger inked !

  6. Says:

    OOooh He’s really Nice….

    Only six more to do now… =)

  7. Ross Byrne Says:

    SSS! Excellent work Mick, you and Kevin O’Neill really
    pulled out all the stops for the A.B.C. designs, Michael Bay could learn a lot from you!

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