Judge Dredd Three pencils

11 September 2012

9 Responses to “Judge Dredd Three pencils”

  1. My favourite of the recent pencils. Great solid pose.


  2. Gary O Donnell Says:

    That is beautiful !!

  3. Martin B Says:

    Agree, it is a classic image of Dredd.

  4. It’s great to see how much detail you put in at this stage, Mike. I recently read HOWLER (I’d seen part of it before…and also here). It’s simply brilliant. Knowing how your style has evolved over the years makes HOWLER quite a treat for the eye. I don’t know how you did the colouring but I really liked the slightly bruised or mottled appearance. I’m imagining you laid down darker tones that you then followed with lighter tonal -…oh hell knows..however you arrived at it, the end result is pure quality.

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      Not a bad guess, Stewart. I coloured the Howler with Pantone markers on cartridge paper. I’d go over the whole page with a dark blue/grey, then repeat with beige/stone. The beige/stone marker was one that leaked a lot of spirit and therefore lightened up and marbled the blue/grey base colour. This meant that all the subsequent colouring had this marbled texture. Finally, some Titanium White gouache for highlights and cleaning the edges. Not a recommended method due to the cost of the markers, especially nowadays when they could be as much as ten per cent of the page rate.

  5. David Rees Says:

    Wonderful to see more of these Dredd pencils, Mick. I’m extremely happy with the figure I picked up from you the other week, and even though all these are great, mine’s best! Hah! Amazingly detailed and precise pencils; a real joy to behold…

  6. My vote for “Dredd of the Month” goes to this one!

  7. Thanks for explaining the process on Howler – and what a process! I don’t use markers at all but with HOWLER I would have guessed the colouring was all paint work. I did work with markers in the 80’s, I had a set of very expensive brush pens that I used to paint on reprographic paper. They were really good actually. But expensive and as you rightly put it – you have to have one eye on the % at all times !…BTW I hope these Dredd’s are a sign we’ll see you working on more of those stories at some point!

  8. Iain. Says:

    Lovely stuff!

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