Cursed Earth pencils

20 September 2012


8 Responses to “Cursed Earth pencils”

  1. Calum Watt Says:

    These have been so great! and you’ve always drawn the BEST guns Mick!

  2. Iain Says:

    Im in shock. Its a good shock, mind. … actually, its a brilliant, superb shock. Im ok though, but i think im gonna lie down for a while, in a darkened room.


  3. Russ Cook Says:

    Great Pencils, Mick – I never tire of your Dredds…

  4. james newell Says:

    if this is also a commission, some lucky person Christmases all came at once. j

  5. Cor blimey! That’s brilliant stuff, Mick.

  6. nulsh Says:

    Total agreement. That’s a fantastic image Mick!

  7. Just utterly utterly brilliant Mr McMahon. Loving these recent Dredd pencils. Wonderful.

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