Satanus pencils

25 September 2012


14 Responses to “Satanus pencils”

  1. Timothy Keable Says:


  2. Amazing! Classic pose of Dredd looking away whilst still aware of the danger. Satanus looks brilliant! Love it!

  3. pauljholden Says:

    They’ve ALL been great, but this is especially so!

  4. Gary O Donnell Says:

    So amazing !! Nobody does Dredd like ya!

  5. David Rees Says:

    Definitely my favourite of the bunch so far! (Sorry, Iain!) Harks back to two of my favourite Titan covers (Cursed Earth book two and the original Slaine reprint (which is my favourite bit of art, by anyone, ever). Wonderful stuff… How’s next year looking for commissions, Mick..?

  6. Iain Says:

    Oh very nice. Just lovely stuff.

  7. Mark Perry Says:

    Wow! Satanus and Dredd in a great pose – couldn’t be happier, great picture.

  8. nulsh Says:

    You’ve topped yerself here Mick! I was impressed enough with the previous recent Dredd pencils.
    Wonderful drawing!

  9. Mick. These recent drawings are some of the best work (of this kind) I have ever seen by you. They are just ‘right’ in a way I can’t explain (and don’t intend to try).

  10. Just wonderfully stunning drawing. A previous commentator mentioned the Titan book covers, which were an interesting comparison. Often I bought those books just on the strength of your covers (having already owned the original 2000ad issues with the content). I envy the people who’ve commissioned these artworks. Must say I’m tempted !! Just fantastic.

  11. jim Says:


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