Judge Death pencils

11 October 2012

15 Responses to “Judge Death pencils”

  1. Iain Says:

    Wow, that is something else! Really great to see all these Mick. Superb stuff!

  2. These commissions are truly amazing! You must be having fun creating them? Blackblood was super cool, Satanus was stunning! And now this! You’re blog should be pay-to-view.

  3. Pete Wells Says:

    Mick, this actually took my breath away. Good Grud, it’s amazing!

  4. Gary O Donnell Says:

    Simply jaw dropping!! I totally agree with Pete.

  5. pauljholden Says:

    Holy shit, Mick. Holy shit.

  6. Wow, this really is something else. Amazing stuff.

  7. Tordleback Says:

    Just incredible. If Wagner is looking for a way to make Death terrifying again, he need look no frurther.

  8. nulsh Says:

    These recent pencils posts are fantastic Mick! This one is a belter! Death looks well fearsome – great layout too using the top of the panel for Death’s pose. Nice.

  9. David Rees Says:

    I’m struggling to decide what I like most about this; Anderson’s face, Dredd’s Lawgiver or that pile of bones… Absolutely wonderful stuff, Mick.

  10. These are ‘just’ for private commissons right, Mick? It would be great to see some new Dredd stories with yourself.

  11. Rob davis Says:

    Another cracker, Mick. You coming to Derry for next year’s 2D? Me and Warwick have signed up…

  12. wiggz@aegypta.demon.co.uk Says:

    This…is…gorgeous….Satanus was good but this is probably my favourite so far.

    There are some very lucky people out there.

    get back in the prog now….

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