Yet more roughs

24 October 2012

I’m currently inking all those previously posted commission pencils but, because I’m suffering with a bit of a cold, I thought I’d have a break from real work and spend a day or two doodling some ideas for the next batch.

9 Responses to “Yet more roughs”

  1. Stew. Says:

    Fantastic thumbnail sketches Mick, I’m truly enjoying your take on Anderson & Death. Do you mind me asking what you are inking with these days?

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      Thanks Stew. I’m inking with Pilot Calligraphy pens sizes 10 and 20 (10 and 20 what I know not), and a Mitsubishi UniPin fine-line size 0.3.

      • Stew. Says:

        Cheers Mick. (I use the Pilot Drawing pens 05 & 08 for sketching, like you i’m in the dark as to how they rate there sizes.) I’m really looking forward to seeing this latest ‘batch’ all inked up. Thanks for the speedy reply and a great blog.

  2. shane Says:

    love the energy and flow of ideas in these Mick

  3. Iain Says:

    Dredd versus Fink! Dredd, Spikes and Landraider!! Brilliant stuff, Mick.

  4. What a kick to see the thumbnails, as always.

  5. andy ward Says:

    Can’t wait to see these(as with everything else you do)nice to hear about the inking styles,but what about enviroment?do you have any particular music you settle down to work with?and does it give you extra inspiration for these stunning pieces?

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      I refer you to a previous post, though today I’ve been listening to a recording of 5 Live Sports Extra’s coverage of game one in this year’s World Series, followed by Wednesday’s Danny Baker show on BBC London, and then Mozart’s Piano Concertos 21 and 23.

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