25 October 2012

8 Responses to “Tweaks”

  1. I was expecting a drawing of Tweak ! – LOL As ever awesome work Mick.


    • mick mcmahon Says:

      Thanks Ade.
      Wearing my pedant’s hat (a piece of apparatus I rarely remove), a drawing of Tweak would be titled Tweak or Tweak’s.

      • mick mcmahon Says:

        Although, on further consideration, I do remember that Tweak had a family, so Tweaks could indeed refer to them, and so your expectation of a drawing of Tweak was, in fact, perfectly reasonable.

  2. shane Says:

    Mick, is there an interview anywhere or blog where you talk about your work over the years ? I would really love to read something like that, especially about how you evolve your style constantly over time and your thoughts about it all and what drove that.
    Also would love to hear about what you think about your various characters, the Fink with the hat thread was interesting to find you didnt like the hat, so would love to read more about that type thing too.

  3. shane Says:

    thanks Mick

  4. Says:

    I love Tweak.

    Someone commission a tweak…please.

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