Sláine commission roughs

28 October 2012

5 Responses to “Sláine commission roughs”

  1. paulmhd Says:

    These are just amazing.

  2. David Rees Says:

    Looking at that huge number of wonderful thumbnails, the phrase ‘he didn’t think it too many’ springs to mind. You don’t do things by halves, do you Mick? Fantastic stuff.

  3. Derek Hayes Says:

    Wonderful, but you haven’t left any room for the Queen’s head. No doubt but that they will re-start the letter writing game though…

  4. musky Says:

    I’m really glad I found this blog. Your artwork on Slaine back in the early 80s made a big impression on me as a child. I loved the ‘grainy’ texture of the images. Were the ‘grains’ inked onto the black with white ink, or are they ‘gaps’ left in the black?

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